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Traveling Cum Dump Service

Fuck it full of cum and throw away when done

14 June. 10p – 3a. Cum dump traveling around town taking loads. I’ll drive up to where you are, or meet at some spot outdoors. Contact me via WhatsApp or Snapchat (CumDumpVegas)

I don’t care, just fill me cum and throw me away when done.

The Fine Print…

I don’t want messages with “hey” where I have to make 20 minutes of “chat” for you not to hook up.

Or no messages with “where are you now?” No 🙅🏻‍♂️
I’m driving around the place…you tell ME where YOU are.


I’m easy, the only thing making it difficult is…you.

Gang Breed me outdoors

Flood my hole with your cum

Tonight Oct 2 starting from 6p until 2am. I’ll be traveling around the city taking loads outdoors. I’m a mobile cum whore who will deliver my ass to you for your pleasure. There is just one rule — no pulling out.

I don’t care what you look like, I just want your loads. Nothing more.

Bring your friends. I’ll take all their loads too.

Use me as fuck hole and throw me away.

Want it? Contact me