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Gang Breed me outdoors

Flood my hole with your cum

Tonight Oct 2 starting from 6p until 2am. I’ll be traveling around the city taking loads outdoors. I’m a mobile cum whore who will deliver my ass to you for your pleasure. There is just one rule — no pulling out.

I don’t care what you look like, I just want your loads. Nothing more.

Bring your friends. I’ll take all their loads too.

Use me as fuck hole and throw me away.

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Breed me outdoors

Monday August 17. 7p thru sunrise tomorrow, taking loads outdoors. Traveling around town taking loads in my car or outside. Breed this hole. Msg me with your location area and I can travel to you or if you have a spot outdoors. I also know a few places around time to get bred outside.

Use snapchat to see my location. Snapchat = CumDumpVegas

Flood this hole. No pulling out.